Demo - Azure Batch

Creating the Resource Group

az group create --name "az203_batch_demo001" --location CentralUS

Creating the storage account

az storage account create \
  --name az203batchstoragexd \
  --access-tier hot \
  --https-only true \
  --kind BlobStorage \
  --location CentralUS \
  --sku Standard_LRS \
  --resource-group az203_batch_demo001

Creating the Batch Account

az batch account create \
  --name az203batchaccountxd \
  --storage-account az203batchstoragexd \
  --resource-group az203_batch_demo001 \
  --location CentralUS

Login and create the Pool

az batch account login \
  --name az203batchaccountxd \
  --resource-group az203_batch_demo001 \
az batch pool create \
  --id mypool \
  --vm-size Standard_A1_v2 \
  --target-dedicated-nodes 2 \
  --image canonical:ubuntuserver:16.04-LTS \
  --node-agent-sku-id "batch.node.ubuntu 16.04"
az batch pool show \
  --pool-id mypool \
  --query "allocationState"

Creating the Job inside the Pool

az batch job create --id myjob --pool-id mypool
Job Task (Execution commands)
for i in {1..4}
   az batch task create \
    --task-id mytask$i \
    --job-id myjob \
    --command-line "/bin/bash -c 'printenv | grep AZ_BATCH; sleep 90s'"
az batch task show \
     --job-id myjob \
     --task-id mytask1
az batch task file list \
     --job-id myjob \
     --task-id mytask1 \
     --output table
az batch task file download \
     --job-id myjob \
     --task-id mytask1 \
     --file-path stdout.txt \
     --destination ./stdout.txt

After done experimenting

Don't forget to delete the resources created.

az group delete --name az203_batch_demo001 --yes


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