Azure App Service and Cloudflare with Full SSL (Strict)

In this article we will set up Cloudflare as a reverse proxy and Azure Web Apps as a web service. Looking for the best security configuration that Cloudflare offers in the free tier.

At the end we will have the following configuration:

  • CloudFlare as reverse proxy
  • Azure Web App as a web service
  • Valid SSL (green lock)
  • Full trust SSL between Cloudflare and Azure Web Apps (Cloudflare validating server side certificate)
  • Application Domains / (A Name) and (C Name)

Our goal beyond valid SSL (green lock) is end-to-end encryption.
Encryption between Cloudflare and the user and between Cloudflare and Azure Web App.



  • Cloudflare Account
  • Azure Web Apps with application running (may be native blank of App Service)
  • App Service Plan with minimum plan Basic
  • OpenSSL installed
  • Domain configured in Cloudflare

Note: shared and free layers of Azure App Service Plan do not allow you to perform SSL configuration.

Knowing the Environment


Blog Ghost running on the App Service and domain https: //

Web App Service Application

Cloudflare created

Setting Up the Cloudflare Domain

First go to the Custom domains tab in Azure Web App and copy the web app IP.


Go to Cloudflare and the DNS tab and configure as below.

  • First Record
    • Type A
    • Name @
    • Target Web App IP
    • Proxy status: DNS only
  • Second Record
    • Type C
    • Name www
    • Target @
    • Proxy status: DNS only


Finally configure the TXT register.

The TXT record shows Azure that you own the domain you want to configure.

After all set up we will delete this record.

Ready. We should have something like:

Setting Up the Azure Web App Domain

We are ready to configure the Azure App Service domain.

  1. Open the blade Custom domains
  2. Click Add custom domain
  3. Enter our domain in Custom domain
  4. Click on Validate
  5. Validate the domain


We must perform the steps the main domain @ and the sub domain www.

Note: For the main domain (A Name - use the record type A record.
For the second domain (subdomain) (C Name - use the record type C record

After validated click Add custom domain


We should have something like:


When we try to access the site we should receive the red lock. This is because the digital certificate returned is from * and not ours - for now.


Setting Up Certificates

In cloudflare we will use the Full (strict) digital certificate template. This makes Cloudflare validate the certificate when communicating with the server, in this case Azure Web App.

One more layer of verification, making our application even more secure.

Configuring encryption mode and generating keys

Open Cloudflare on the SSL/TLS tab and the Overview subtab select the Full (strict) type.


Now we will create the trusted digital certificate through Cloudflare and set it up in Azure.

Go to the Origin Server tab and click Create certificate


Leave the default settings.

  • Let Cloudflare generate a private key and CSR
  • Private Key RSA
  • List of hostnames - as configured in the previous steps.


Copy the text content to notepad and save as:

  • Origin Certificate ->
  • Private Key ->


Configuring Azure Web App with Certificate

First let's generate the key in pfx format using openssl.

Open the command prompt and navigate to the key folder and run the following command:

> openssl pkcs12 -inkey -in -export -out

This command will prompt for passowrd. Enter a strong password for our key.

In the Azure portal navigate to the Custom domains subblade again. Now let's upload the digital certificate we just created and configure it with our domain (Green Lock).


  1. Click Add Binding
  2. Select the domain
  3. Click Upload PFX Certificate
  4. Select the newly generated PFX (
  5. Enter the certificate password when prompted

Okay, now we have the certificate to use on our site.


Now select Cloudflare Origin Certificate and TLS/SSL Type - SNI SSL and click Add Binding.

Do the same for the www subdomain.

We should have something like:


Cloudflare Enabled as DNS and Proxy

Go back to Cloudflare and configure Proxy DNS for the domains.


All done. Green lock and end-to-end encryption using Full (strict) cryption of Cloudflare.

I hope you guys enjoy it. Share with your friends.

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