AZ-203 - AGENDA - 01/2020

Agenda do curso AZ-203.

AZ-203 - AGENDA - 01/2020

Agenda do curso AZ-203 - JAN-2020

AZ-203.1 - Develop Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) compute solutions

M01: Implement solutions that use virtual machines (VMs)

  • L01: Provision VMs
  • L02: Configure VMs
  • L03: Create Azure Resource Manager templates
  • L04: Azure Disk Encryption for VMs

M02: Implement batch jobs by using Azure Batch Services

  • L01: Azure Batch
  • L02: Run a batch job by using Azure CLI and Azure portal
  • L03: Running Batch jobs by using code
  • L04: Manage batch jobs by using Batch Service API

Demo Batch Service

M03: Create containerized solutions

  • L01: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • L02: Deploy an AKS cluster
  • L03: Publish a container image to Azure Container Registry
  • L04: Create and run container images in Azure Container Instances

Demo AKS P1
Demo AKS P2

AZ-203.2 - Develop Azure platform as a service (PaaS) compute solutions

M01: Create Azure App Service web apps

  • L01: Azure App Service core concepts
  • L02: Creating an Azure App Service web app
  • L03: Creating background tasks by using Azure WebJobs

M02: Create Azure App Service Mobile Apps

  • L01: Getting started with Mobile Apps in App Service
  • L02: Enabling push notifications for your app
  • L03: Enabling offline sync for your app

Docs Mobile Service
Easy tables

M03: Create Azure App Service API apps

  • L01: Azure API Apps
  • L02: Creating API Management solutions
  • L03: Using Swagger to document an API app

M04: Implement Azure Functions

  • L01: Azure Functions
  • L02: Develop Azure Functions by using Visual Studio
  • L03: Implement Durable Functions

AZ-203.3 - Develop for Azure Storage

M01: Develop solutions that use Azure Table storage

  • L01: Azure Table storage
  • L02: Authorization in Azure Storage
  • L03: Table service REST API

M02: Develop solutions that use Azure Cosmos DB

  • L01: Azure Cosmos DB
  • L02: Managing containers and items
  • L03: Create and update documents by using code

M03: Develop solutions that use a relational database

  • L01: Azure SQL Database
  • L02: Create, read, update, and delete database entities using code

M04: Develop solutions that use Microsoft Azure Blob storage

  • L01: Azure Blob storage
  • L02: Blob storage security
  • L03: Working with Azure Blob storage

AZ-203.4 - Implement Azure security

M01: Implementing authentication

  • L01: Microsoft identity platform
  • L02: Implement OAuth 2.0 authentication
  • L03: Implement managed identity
  • L04: Implement certificate-based authentication
  • L05: Implement Multi-factor authentication

M02: Implementing access control

  • L01: Claims-based authorization
  • L02: Role-based access control (RBAC) authorization
  • L03: Virtual machine access control

M03: Implementing secure data solutions

  • L01: Encryption options
  • L02: End-to-end encryption
  • L03: Implement Azure confidential computing
  • L05: Manage cryptographic keys in Azure Key Vault

AZ-203.5 - Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions

M01: Azure Monitor

  • L01: Azure Monitor

M02: Develop for code scalability

  • L01: Implement Autoscale
  • L02: Implement code that addresses singleton instances
  • L03: Implement code that handles transient faults

M03: Instrument solutions to support monitoring and logging

  • L01: Configure instrumentation in an app or service
  • L02: Analyze and troubleshoot solutions by using Azure Monitor

M04: Integrate caching and content delivery

  • L01: Azure Cache for Redis
  • L02: Develop for storage on CDNs

AZ-203.6 - Connect to and consume Azure, and third-party, services

M01: Azure App Services Logic Apps

  • L01: Microsoft Azure Logic Apps
  • L02: Creating logic apps
  • L03: Creating custom connectors for logic apps
  • L04: Creating a custom template for logic apps

M02: Working with Azure Search

  • L01: Creating an Azure Search Index
  • L02: Indexing and querying documents
  • L03: Full-text search in Azure Search

M03: Azure API Management

  • L01: Azure API Management
  • L02: Securing APIs
  • L03: Defining API policies

M04: Develop event-based solutions

  • L01: Azure Event Grid
  • L02: Azure Event Hubs
  • L03: Azure Notification Hubs

M05: Develop message-based solutions

  • L01: Azure Service Bus
  • L02: Azure Queue storage
  • L03: Microsoft Graph
  • L04: Azure Relay