Today I started learning about the AI-900 course.
My deadline is July-24-2021 to know everything about this course. I have to teach it as an MCT.

Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals - Learn
Exam AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
AI-900 Exam

Join me in learning this awesome topic. And wish me luck.

Demos and Labs on Microsoft Artificial Intelligence

AI Demos
AI Demos at Microsoft

Resources for free

Get started with artificial intelligence on Azure - Learn
Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers amazing new solutions and experiences; and Microsoft Azure provides easy to use services to help you get started.

More resources

  • Get Started with Artificial Intelligence on Azure: https://aka.ms/learn-artificial-intelligence
  • Create No-Code Predictive Models with Azure Machine learning: https://aka.ms/no-code-ml
  • Explore Computer Vision in Microsoft Azure: https://aka.ms/explore-computer-vision
  • Explore Natural Language Processing: https://aka.ms/explore-nlp
  • Explore Conversational AI: https://aka.ms/explore-bots

Off Topic Resources

AI for good – IA da Microsoft
Os possíveis usos da Inteligência Artificial são ilimitados, abrangendo desde o uso na agricultura até na tecnologia adaptável útil que melhora a acessibilidade. Use o AI for good.